Who Doesn't Have Group Benefits?

Who Doesn't Have Group Benefits?

Is your hand raised? 

I know mine is. 

And I had a client who had his hand raised as well.

It was an exciting conversation: I was referred to Michael by a colleague to sell him health insurance. But what he actually needed was group benefits, and his employer did not have them. 

We went through the cost and coverage structure of personal health insurance for his family, and found it did not fit into his budget. 

Additionally, I knew that he would have to cover some medications out of pocket personally. He had preexisting medical conditions, and the insurance company would not allow them. 

So I had a thought: what if he discussed his needs with his employer and asked them to bring group benefits into their company?

Well, he had that talk. And his employer said yes!

It was a short and straightforward conversation, and Michael suggested they speak with me. I reached out to his boss as they were waiting to talk to me about the cost. 

After this experience, I now encourage all of my clients who are without group benefits to reach out to their employers and have that chat. It can be easier than you’d expect.

When that happens, we are here to support you with pricing. And if you have questions, feel free to arrange a conversation here. If all goes well, it’ll be as easy for you as it was for Michael.